Poisonous Revenge

Chapter 3-Matter to be done

I looked at the man's shoes,then at his uniform and then at his face. His brown eyes hitted me with their hungry look and said to him:

"I didn't know that I am forbidden to stay at a bar."

"I'm sorry.That was not my intention.What I wanted to ask is why such an elaborated girl as you is staying in a lousy bar."he said.

The truth is that I was dressed inappropriate for that kind of bar.

"My aunt lives next to this bar."I said quickly.

"I see."he said and left my table.

He left me with the words in my mouth.Such an uncivil police officer.


I paid for my drink and went back to Michelle's.

"Where were you?I was worried-sick!"she said embracing me.

"Oh,Michelle.I was at the beach and then I bought a phone to find out some news.It appears that the murderer is a man.And at the news I found out that he used a ALFA Combat.What does that mean?"I said climbing up the stairs to my room.

The luggage was unpacked,only some clothes left on the bed.

"That kind of pistol are kind of rare.I mean not so rare,but no murder used them nowadays.In these days,murders use guns like M1911."said Michelle entering my room.

Michelle was a detective in LA years ago,when she retired because of her heart surgery.She knew a lot of murders and had a logic skill that exceeds the boundaries.

She took a seat on the desk-chair near the window and gazed into the dark.

"You know...I taught her how to use a gun after I graduated.She was so scared of what she could do with that gun."she smilled.

I smilled to just at picturing how my mom's knees trembled.

"Karin,are you sure you want to...do such things?"she asked starring at my luggage.

"Yes,Michelle.I am more than sure.Tomorrow I'll fly to New York.To arrange some things with the house,with my work. Do you want to come with me?"I said looking into her deep eyes.

"No."she said dimly."I'll wait for you here.I know you will come back!"

She hugged me so strong that I almost felt her heart inside me.


My flight took off the ground at 8:00.In two hours,Marcus will have me picked up from the JFK and drive me to my house full of recollections of my parents and the life I had with them.


"Please,Marcus,can you summon all the service personnel?"I said while I was fixikng my hair into a ponytail.

"Sure,miss."said Marcus leaving the room.

"Oh,and Marcus,don't call me miss.You've seen me grow up.Call me,Karin."I said to him smilling.


Marcus was in father's service for 20 years and he never complained about anything.I loved him as much as he loves me and he took care of me whenever my parents couldn't.

Wedsneday 12:15

As all the women and men gathered in the fromt lobby of my house,I looked upon them and said:

"You won't lose your jobs.You just need to stay calm.I know you are nervous because police officers walk in and out of the house like is a cinema,but it will end soon.I guarantee.Now,who cleaned the desk?I will use it from tomorrow?"

Maria raised her hand and came in front of me,smilling to me.She was a sweet hispanic woman,over 30 with 2 children.

"Can you help clear all the books and send them to New York Public Library?"I asked her in a smooth voice.

"Of course."she said with a bad English.

I smilled and said to the rest of the personnel to do their jobs.

"You will use your father's desk?"asked Marcus.

"Yes,I will work from home.Can you provide for me a new computer?I'll write the check for you in the next hour.My laptop doesn't have enough memory for the software application I need to work at."I said looking to Marcus with pleading eyes.

"As you wish,mi...Karin."he smiled and went to the garage.


All the books were taken and delivered to the library in 2 hours.Maria and I worked fast to accomplish the task.The chief librarian,Stephan Howlling sent me ragards and many thanks and condoleances for my loss.

"Michelle,can you search for an appartament in LA?Near you?"I said through the phone to my loved aunt.

"Oh,you are making me so happy,Karin!"she said with gleeful voice."As soon as possible you will have the key!Don't worry about money.This will be a gift for you.And my gift is you!"

I hung up and lyed on my bed.As soon as I will finish all the matter in NYC,I shall move to LA,where I found peace.

Poisonous Revenge

Chapter 2-Gratitude


Michelle received me with her eyes in tears and her arms opened for a divine embrace.

"My little thing! Life will get better!I assure you that none will harm you again!"she said with trembling voice.

I bursted into tears and embrace her back.I missed her so much at the funeral and I had to understand that she can't travel by plane because of her weak heart.I might have lost her aswell.

"Come.I made you lasagna.I know is your favourite!"she whispered while she let me off her embrace.

Her house was small comparative with the others in LA.Her lobby was nothing more than pictures of her youth and her son and a couple of armchairs surrounding an olive-sized table.

The kitchen was so wide in comparision with the rest of the house. The smell of the mozzarella melted filled up the room.My stomach started to make noise.

"I see you are extremely hungry,dear!"Michelle said smilling."Take a seat.Don't be shy,I am your aunt,Karin.What's wrong?"

I looked at her and saw my mom...I missed her so much.Her touch,her hair,her smile,her eyes.Everything...

"Nothing.Just...I miss her."I said.

"I know,dearie."she said cutting through the hot lasagna."But life it's more than regret and crying upon death.You must be strong.I have something for you."

She evaporated from my sight climbing the stairs.I took a sip from my glass full of water and started to eat the mozzarella from the top. I looked at a photo in which my mom and Michelle were smilling and posing near a statue.

"Oh that was taken when we were 19.Visiting Rome.That title was given by our father.Ha!That poor mayor!Those were his holidays,visiting countries for nothing more than good relationships between politicians."said Michelle handing me a heavy box.

"What's this?"I said mistrustful.

"Oh...some things that belonged to your mom.Earrings,necklaces...photos.And her engagement ring."she said while filled a glass of water.

"Her engagement ring?"I asked ajar.

"Mh-mm. Two months ago she flew to LA and brought it here.She didn't explained to me why she took it here,perhaps she wanted to hide it.I don't know,I am not very good at thrillers."she said puzzled.

I looked at the ring and put it on my finger.


Last night I couldn't sleep,always picturing my mother shot in her heart.I was starting to think that I am going insane...

"Karin,do you want to go on the beach?Maybe it will distract you,"yelled Michelle from the kitchen as I was in the lobby.

"Sure.Is it near?"I asked looking for the bulb from the bathroom.

She stood in the door frame and opened the lights from the sink.

"Clever!"I said.

She laughed and answered to my question:

"Yes,15 minutes with the car to North."

I smiled and looked into the mirror.I was a pure mess.My eyes were red,my lips were cracked.My hair troublelling.

"Don't worry,you will look like a princess after you shower!"she said moving away from the door frame and going into the kitchen.


At this time,the beach was full of noise and people.Children playing with their parents,couples sunbathing.The sun gave the warmth I needed to start my life and revenge upon my mom's murderer.

I sat on the hot sand and stared at the sea.It was bustling and gorgeous. I never seen such a ravishing landscape.

My thoughts were directed to the future and how will I find my mom's murderer.

Of course the investigators from NYC fought aswell to find him or she. But with no luck.Plus,I had no phone to reach Marcus to see if there are any news about the one who shoot her.


After long hours on the beach I decided to go to a phone company to buy a cell-phone and call Marcus.I knew my house number by heart.

"Tell me,Marcus,are there any news?"I said after he recognized my voice.

After a short pause and sight he said:

"No,miss.Only that the murderer is a man."he said harsh.

I started to cry and closed the phone.


I was in a bar next to my aunt's house,looking for a sign.Something that would help me to find that bastard.I looked at the TV,where news of my mom death were on.

"...murdered in the night of 14th of August...her killer wasn't discovered.We know that is a man with strong arms and using guns like ALFA Combat."

I couldn't listened more,so I asked the bartender to change the channel and wished another whiskey.

"Excuse me,miss.Can I ask you why are you sitting here?"said a thick voice.

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i'm so happy today i'm not being emo because i am exempt from asssholes exam hell yeah if i could dance i would but i'll spare you.this is sooooo cool and i stole my sisters nirvana cd again so i'm listening to one of the best bands ever besides t.b.s. yesterday was so funny i saw whats eating gilbert grape every one thinks thats such a sad movie i think it's fucking funny i think arnie the retarted kid is hillarious.
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my speel worked i'm so fucking happy and i got more joey pictures kick fucking ass. today is fucking great so far.i'm happy and i'm gonna get the nirvana cd. i'm happy. and 6 scool days left !!!!!! TOODLES (i'm so hapy i can't spell spell right)
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payback spell-
while concentrating on the person/thing that you are casting this on, repeat over and over until you feel that it is complete:
"Before the night is over
Before the day is through
whatever you have done to others
will come right back at you."

three times three spell-
this is a three times three spell to use on people who were corrupt in their ways. it has no negative consequence unless you think ill of the person while casting the spell.
it works best if you have something representing that person. like a strand of hair or a finger nail. the spell may may not work instantaneously, you may have to repeat it for the person to see the error of their ways. please be sure you're not being hypocritical, because that may cause negative feedback. so, all warnings given,blessed be!

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ok i have just created this community in case who ever is reading this is wondering. this is a coven for wiccas and vampyres if your a skeptic then i suggest leaving other wise come in.
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