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Mihaela Roxana Mărculescu

Poisonous Revenge

Chapter 2-Gratitude


Michelle received me with her eyes in tears and her arms opened for a divine embrace.

"My little thing! Life will get better!I assure you that none will harm you again!"she said with trembling voice.

I bursted into tears and embrace her back.I missed her so much at the funeral and I had to understand that she can't travel by plane because of her weak heart.I might have lost her aswell.

"Come.I made you lasagna.I know is your favourite!"she whispered while she let me off her embrace.

Her house was small comparative with the others in LA.Her lobby was nothing more than pictures of her youth and her son and a couple of armchairs surrounding an olive-sized table.

The kitchen was so wide in comparision with the rest of the house. The smell of the mozzarella melted filled up the room.My stomach started to make noise.

"I see you are extremely hungry,dear!"Michelle said smilling."Take a seat.Don't be shy,I am your aunt,Karin.What's wrong?"

I looked at her and saw my mom...I missed her so much.Her touch,her hair,her smile,her eyes.Everything...

"Nothing.Just...I miss her."I said.

"I know,dearie."she said cutting through the hot lasagna."But life it's more than regret and crying upon death.You must be strong.I have something for you."

She evaporated from my sight climbing the stairs.I took a sip from my glass full of water and started to eat the mozzarella from the top. I looked at a photo in which my mom and Michelle were smilling and posing near a statue.

"Oh that was taken when we were 19.Visiting Rome.That title was given by our father.Ha!That poor mayor!Those were his holidays,visiting countries for nothing more than good relationships between politicians."said Michelle handing me a heavy box.

"What's this?"I said mistrustful.

"Oh...some things that belonged to your mom.Earrings,necklaces...photos.And her engagement ring."she said while filled a glass of water.

"Her engagement ring?"I asked ajar.

"Mh-mm. Two months ago she flew to LA and brought it here.She didn't explained to me why she took it here,perhaps she wanted to hide it.I don't know,I am not very good at thrillers."she said puzzled.

I looked at the ring and put it on my finger.


Last night I couldn't sleep,always picturing my mother shot in her heart.I was starting to think that I am going insane...

"Karin,do you want to go on the beach?Maybe it will distract you,"yelled Michelle from the kitchen as I was in the lobby.

"Sure.Is it near?"I asked looking for the bulb from the bathroom.

She stood in the door frame and opened the lights from the sink.

"Clever!"I said.

She laughed and answered to my question:

"Yes,15 minutes with the car to North."

I smiled and looked into the mirror.I was a pure mess.My eyes were red,my lips were cracked.My hair troublelling.

"Don't worry,you will look like a princess after you shower!"she said moving away from the door frame and going into the kitchen.


At this time,the beach was full of noise and people.Children playing with their parents,couples sunbathing.The sun gave the warmth I needed to start my life and revenge upon my mom's murderer.

I sat on the hot sand and stared at the sea.It was bustling and gorgeous. I never seen such a ravishing landscape.

My thoughts were directed to the future and how will I find my mom's murderer.

Of course the investigators from NYC fought aswell to find him or she. But with no luck.Plus,I had no phone to reach Marcus to see if there are any news about the one who shoot her.


After long hours on the beach I decided to go to a phone company to buy a cell-phone and call Marcus.I knew my house number by heart.

"Tell me,Marcus,are there any news?"I said after he recognized my voice.

After a short pause and sight he said:

"No,miss.Only that the murderer is a man."he said harsh.

I started to cry and closed the phone.


I was in a bar next to my aunt's house,looking for a sign.Something that would help me to find that bastard.I looked at the TV,where news of my mom death were on.

"...murdered in the night of 14th of August...her killer wasn't discovered.We know that is a man with strong arms and using guns like ALFA Combat."

I couldn't listened more,so I asked the bartender to change the channel and wished another whiskey.

"Excuse me,miss.Can I ask you why are you sitting here?"said a thick voice.

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