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Mihaela Roxana Mărculescu

Poisonous Revenge

Chapter 3-Matter to be done

I looked at the man's shoes,then at his uniform and then at his face. His brown eyes hitted me with their hungry look and said to him:

"I didn't know that I am forbidden to stay at a bar."

"I'm sorry.That was not my intention.What I wanted to ask is why such an elaborated girl as you is staying in a lousy bar."he said.

The truth is that I was dressed inappropriate for that kind of bar.

"My aunt lives next to this bar."I said quickly.

"I see."he said and left my table.

He left me with the words in my mouth.Such an uncivil police officer.


I paid for my drink and went back to Michelle's.

"Where were you?I was worried-sick!"she said embracing me.

"Oh,Michelle.I was at the beach and then I bought a phone to find out some news.It appears that the murderer is a man.And at the news I found out that he used a ALFA Combat.What does that mean?"I said climbing up the stairs to my room.

The luggage was unpacked,only some clothes left on the bed.

"That kind of pistol are kind of rare.I mean not so rare,but no murder used them nowadays.In these days,murders use guns like M1911."said Michelle entering my room.

Michelle was a detective in LA years ago,when she retired because of her heart surgery.She knew a lot of murders and had a logic skill that exceeds the boundaries.

She took a seat on the desk-chair near the window and gazed into the dark.

"You know...I taught her how to use a gun after I graduated.She was so scared of what she could do with that gun."she smilled.

I smilled to just at picturing how my mom's knees trembled.

"Karin,are you sure you want to...do such things?"she asked starring at my luggage.

"Yes,Michelle.I am more than sure.Tomorrow I'll fly to New York.To arrange some things with the house,with my work. Do you want to come with me?"I said looking into her deep eyes.

"No."she said dimly."I'll wait for you here.I know you will come back!"

She hugged me so strong that I almost felt her heart inside me.


My flight took off the ground at 8:00.In two hours,Marcus will have me picked up from the JFK and drive me to my house full of recollections of my parents and the life I had with them.


"Please,Marcus,can you summon all the service personnel?"I said while I was fixikng my hair into a ponytail.

"Sure,miss."said Marcus leaving the room.

"Oh,and Marcus,don't call me miss.You've seen me grow up.Call me,Karin."I said to him smilling.


Marcus was in father's service for 20 years and he never complained about anything.I loved him as much as he loves me and he took care of me whenever my parents couldn't.

Wedsneday 12:15

As all the women and men gathered in the fromt lobby of my house,I looked upon them and said:

"You won't lose your jobs.You just need to stay calm.I know you are nervous because police officers walk in and out of the house like is a cinema,but it will end soon.I guarantee.Now,who cleaned the desk?I will use it from tomorrow?"

Maria raised her hand and came in front of me,smilling to me.She was a sweet hispanic woman,over 30 with 2 children.

"Can you help clear all the books and send them to New York Public Library?"I asked her in a smooth voice.

"Of course."she said with a bad English.

I smilled and said to the rest of the personnel to do their jobs.

"You will use your father's desk?"asked Marcus.

"Yes,I will work from home.Can you provide for me a new computer?I'll write the check for you in the next hour.My laptop doesn't have enough memory for the software application I need to work at."I said looking to Marcus with pleading eyes.

"As you wish,mi...Karin."he smiled and went to the garage.


All the books were taken and delivered to the library in 2 hours.Maria and I worked fast to accomplish the task.The chief librarian,Stephan Howlling sent me ragards and many thanks and condoleances for my loss.

"Michelle,can you search for an appartament in LA?Near you?"I said through the phone to my loved aunt.

"Oh,you are making me so happy,Karin!"she said with gleeful voice."As soon as possible you will have the key!Don't worry about money.This will be a gift for you.And my gift is you!"

I hung up and lyed on my bed.As soon as I will finish all the matter in NYC,I shall move to LA,where I found peace.

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